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Wedding InsPURRation to get MEOWied for // Black-Cat Wedding Styled Shoot

Black cats don't hold the key to your luck, but they will hold the key to your heart!

Every year there are far too many black cats surrendered or abandoned at shelters because people still stigmatize them as being bad luck. Not only is that way of thinking incredibly harmful to this sweet kitty population, but it's also just absurd (this is one superstition you can definitely let go of!). Black cats do not need to hold the key to your luck.. but maybe your heart!! They want, need, and deserve love just like everyone else, which is why this awesome team of wedding vendors decided to have a little fun and style a wedding shoot that highlights these charismatic black cats and the need to take a chance on love!

Here are just a handful (paw-ful?!) of reasons why, if you're considering making a commitment to give a kitty a fur-ever home, you should take another look at an all black cat this season!

Geodes & Watercolor | Rose Quartz Inspiration

Way back in 2015, two photographers attended a conference that would change their lives forever. Not because they discovered the best ice cream place in the world, but because they realized they had a similar idea for a styled shoot, and each a particular set of skills to create something magical.