Love You to Infinity | Celestial Inspiration

They say "life imitates art," and so we let it. After visiting the Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibition with our spouses, we were drawn to the mirrored rooms and the celestial spaces we experienced with them. We knew we had to create a styled shoot that encompassed the feelings of an infinite and everlasting love. It just so happened that for this one, we wanted to be both the photographers AND the models!

In the spring of 2017, Britney and her husband Shawn, and Marlayna and her husband Adam, had each visited Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirror exhibition while it was in DC at the Hirshhorn. We were completely enamored by it, and kept talking about how much we wanted to experience those spaces again and again. Stepping into some of those mirrored rooms solely with the person you love, felt like floating in the midst of space. It felt like we were small but that it didn't matter because we had each other. Fun fact, in most museums, you can only experience the rooms for 30 seconds - up to a minute. AKA not nearly enough time for us!

So we talked and mulled over ideas for essentially a full year. And then we committed to making it happen, we worked with a smaller but incredible team of creative friendors (that's like vendors who are all friends!) and we brought in mirrors (and only broke one...!), brought in lights, tinsel, flowers, a decadent charcuterie plate and chocolates, and some delicious cocktails. We DIY'd a table, plates, and the structure around the scene, and enlisted help in the baking and pillowcase departments. Essentially, we truthfully can't do anything small scale!

This styled shoot was super special to us though. It was as much about providing inspiration for anniversaries and small intimate weddings alike, as it about recreating those experiences. We were so fortunate to work with this wonderful team to help bring the vision forward! Both Britney and Marlayna have a ton of thoughts and feelings about it all (you can read about here and here), but we hope this styled shoot will provide lots of beautiful ideas to anyone planning a wedding or anniversary dinner party with celestial / galaxy elements, and a love of string lights and reflections!

Many thanks to Candace of From Pixels, to Quill (so many cool paper good & handlettered details with resin and shimmery holographics!!), to Makeup by Farren who glammed us up and made us feel so so comfortable and beautiful!, and to Elyse by Nicole who provided the perfect pairs of jewels to complement the whole theme. And thanks to Candace for decorated oreos, and to Marlayna's mom for help with DIY pillow cases and cake baking (and Britney for practicing decorating techniques about 3 times - more on this soon!), and to our husbands for their support and modeling talents! ;) 

We'll be sure to follow up soon with all the DIY behind the scenes - from galaxy plates, napkins, table runner and curtains, to a stained goodwill table and transformed  pillows and more! Stay tuned!

Meet the Authors

When Marlayna isn't diving into BaM projects, she's also a wedding photographer, and the photographer at UMBC! When she's not photographing, she loves to kick back and relax with her husband Adam and their two cats Zoe and Annie! And when they're not at home, they love to travel and try new beers, cocktails, and of course, delicious food!
Published on July 5th, 2018
Filed under DIY  and  Styled Shoots
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