Reinventing the Cork Place Setting | Hand-Crafted Holiday Decorations

Reinventing the Cork Place Setting | Hand-Crafted Holiday Decorations

These spectacular holiday place settings have us on a DIY high! 

Making something more "us" is why we love DIYing. Being able to take something small and give it a flair that will inspire someone else is seriously the best feeling in the world.

This holiday season, we really got into the crafting mood. We had wooden trees, farmhouse frames for cards, and a lot more that we didn't even get to share! But I think our favorite one has been a take on the good ol' cork place setting that we created while sitting in an Atwater's. It's a super easy craft that anyone can make their own. We went with a holiday look because, well, it's the holidays, which means we have lots of green, a little bit of holly, and Christmas-y words to share!

Our cork settings ended up being used as table decor for a holiday party, but these can absolutely be edited for any season!

The materials you'll need are:

• Faux greenery, berries, and pinecones (we got ours Michaels at the beginning of December and they were already on sale as the store geared up for Valentines Day)
• Wine corks (again the craft store should have them)
• A black marker
• Floral wire
• Some hot glue

They look so much more complicated then they are, the basic steps to follow are:

1. Layout your pieces and think of how you want the flow of the greenery to be. For ours, we wanted the cork to be in the center, with some pretty sprigs bursting out the sides. When you are happy with your placement of the greenery, use your floral wire to hold them in place. You can do the floral wiring in stages, so you can put your greenery together, wire, add some berries, wire, and then, if you are opting for having the cork in the center, wire your two halves together.

2. While your hot glue gun is warming up, you can start calligraphing some different holiday words, or names if you're hosting a small dinner party on to your corks. These also make great little party favors (COVID note...don't throw a party).

3. Put on some generous globs of hot glue right onto twisted areas of your floral wire (some of your greenery may melt because of how hawt the glue is, very normal casualty). Let the glue cool for just a hot sec (lol), and then position your calligraphed cork right on top of the glue.

4. Allow time to dry and possibly glue on some pine cones if you want some extra seasonal festiveness!

When your friends see these they'll go, "holy crap, where did you buy these" and you can say "I didn't, I made them", and then you can revel in their shocked expression and soak up all their compliments! You deserve them!

Happy Holidays!!

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Published on December 23rd, 2020
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