Sound the Christmas Alarm | DIY Wooden Trees

When out for revenge during the holidays, make sure you're festive about it!

About two weeks ago, we had an issue with someone taking our outdoor display items and moving them. The solution? A Christmas tree that rings when tampered with, but is also cute in order to attract the hooligans. A flawless plan that started with shopping at Michael's (not a sponsor), and ended with a festive security system. 

Materials Used

Balsa Wood Plank - (1/8 of an inch thick) A very soft material to work with.

Balsa Wood Rod 

Box Cutter - Doesn't have to be particularly sharp. The wood is soft enough.

Metal Ruler - We made the mistake of using a wood ruler to start and we now have two 6 inch rulers!

Wood Stain - We used an espresso color.

White Twine 

Paints - We used red and gold 

Hot Glue Gun

Jingle Bell - It's festive!

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Published on December 21st, 2018
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