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Sound the Christmas Alarm | DIY Wooden Trees

When out for revenge during the holidays, make sure you're festive about it!

About two weeks ago, we had an issue with someone taking our outdoor display items and moving them. The solution? A Christmas tree that rings when tampered with, but is also cute in order to attract the hooligans. A flawless plan that started with shopping at Michael's (not a sponsor), and ended with a festive security system. 

Materials Used

Balsa Wood Plank - (1/8 of an inch thick) A very soft material to work with.

Balsa Wood Rod 

Box Cutter - Doesn't have to be particularly sharp. The wood is soft enough.

Metal Ruler - We made the mistake of using a wood ruler to start and we now have two 6 inch rulers!

Wood Stain - We used an espresso color.

White Twine 

Paints - We used red and gold 

Hot Glue Gun

Jingle Bell - It's festive!

Wooden Christmas Trees

Cut your balsa wood

1 Cut your balsa wood

We made sure to angle our edges so that each one flowed together with the previous piece and the topper. You can do any number of cuts you want, it all depends on how tall you want your tree! Be sure to also measure out how long you want the wood rod (the trunk of your tree) and trim that as well

Sand your wood

2 Sand your wood

Once you have all of your pieces cut, give the edges a quick sand. You'll want them smooth for the next step.

Stain your wood

3 Stain your wood

Hit your pieces with the wood stain. Be sure you stain all of your angled pieces, the rod, as well as a small leftover piece that can be used for the foot of your tree, so that it stands up nicely. Allow to dry.

Paint your twine

4 Paint your twine

As the wood is drying, start working on your twine. This will act as your "ornament" for the tree. We alternated between a little bit of red and a little bit of gold and left a lot of the white exposed as it gave a nice simple pop to the dark wooden tree. 

It's glue time!

5 It's glue time!

Start gluing your pieces to the rod you trimmed up and stained. Each piece will be glued to the rod, so make sure you leave enough space for every part of your tree. 

Prepare your base

6 Prepare your base

While the hot glue is cooling on your tree pieces, work on the footing of your tree that will allow it to stand. This is where that scrap piece that you saved and stained earlier will come be used. You'll want to cut a hole in the center to fit the tree trunk rod. 

Glue your base on

7 Glue your base on

Fit the tree trunk rod into the hole that you created and hit it with a little hot glue to really reinforce the hold. 

Glue on your decoration

8 Glue on your decoration

For this, you'll want to place the end of the twine on the back of the top of the tree and give it a little dab of hot glue. Hold it in place for a few seconds (the glory of hot glue is that it dries pretty quickly). Run the twine diagonally along the front of the tree to the top corner of the second piece. You'll hook the twine on the back of the tree where you can again hit it with a little dab of glue. Repeat all the way down, making sure to always dab a little bit of glue on the twine that hits the back of the tree.

Attach your jingle bell

9 Attach your jingle bell

This is the easiest of all of the steps. On your jingle bell there should be a little handle looking piece for when you want to string them. Identify that part so you are aware of it for this next part. Put down a little dab of glue at the very tippy top of your tree (on the flat side, not directly on the point). Before the glue dries, secure that little handle of your jingle bell to the tree (the bad part about hot glue is that it dries pretty quickly :P). The jingle bell should still jingle and you'll have a pretty little topper for your tree!

Make a tree skirt for your tree

10 Make a tree skirt for your tree

This is completely optional, which is why the materials aren't listed. You can use anything you want. We used a bit of Christmas ribbon, cut a line halfway down the middle and then wrapped it around the base of our tree. BaM, you got yourself a tree skirt. 

Set out your alarm and wait for the pranksters

11 Set out your alarm and wait for the pranksters

We went a little bit extra with this step. We still didn't want anyone stealing the tree so we stealthily hid some command strips on the bottom so that if anyone TRIED to take the tree, it would 1. ring and 2. not budge. TAKE THAT, TWERPS! 

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Published on December 21st, 2018
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