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Farmhouse Chic Frames | DIY Display for Greetings Cards, Escort Cards, & more!

Hang up those holiday cards with a little "Magnolia" style! These super easy frames can be completed in less than an hour and used all year long (sooo many decorating opportunities!) or even use them to display cards or plants at your wedding or next celebration!

Holiday season is officially HERE! YAY!!!

Marlayna writing tonight - and I have to admit that the fall season was a bit of an exciting but crazy blur (probably for both myself and Britney!). But I am suddenly SO ready for these next few months. For so many, this time of year is all about family and friends, and I love that aspect! Lots of time spent eating good food, and catching up with each others' lives. It also means lots of cards start coming in (high-fives for everyone who still loves to send a good snail-mailed item!).

A couple years back, I was looking for a way to display the greeting and holiday cards we received and found an idea somewhere in the Pinterest Universe to use wooden frames and chicken wire for an adorably rustic, farmhouse chic display! Not only is this craft cute, but it has literally got to be one of the easiest DIYs I've ever done! So easy in fact, that in order to put together this tutorial, I was able to grab items around the house and put it all together in minutes (err, plus a run to Lowes for a staple gun since I apparently only borrowed my mom's last time..ha!)

And in case you're thinking about wedding or party ideas.. you can also apply this same tutorial to create rustic seating card displays, or even a sweet touch of greenery. My recent couple Davia and Craig added airplants to their frames at their wedding anniversary reception and it was such a hit! I'm already brainstorming ideas to start putting other florals into mine. (And in the meantime, you'll notice two pretty paper flowers hanging from mine, from My Sweet Array, as part of the decor for a Valentine's day dinner with friends!)

Materials Used

Staple Gun - this is the one I grabbed today!

Staples - 1/4" should be perfect for most frames, but slightly longer will usually work as well (just make sure the staple can go fairly flat into your frame, or it will stick up above it and the chicken wire will slip out

Large Wooden Frame(s) - check goodwill or thrift stores for something cheap. Plastic fronts are even better since you won't be using the clear glass or "glass" part of the frame anyway

Spray Paint or Paint - optional, if you'd like to change up the color of your frame

Chicken Wire - get an idea how large your frame is, but just one small regular roll of chicken wire should be plenty!

Hammer, Nail/Wall Mounting Hardware, Frame Mounting hardware - (Frame mounting optional, most frames will already have the piece to hang on the wall. But you may need to buy one if yours doesn't)

Wire cutters/scissors - either tends to work fine with chicken wire!

Clothespins and cards, or anything else you'd like to hang/display!

Here's an example of how this project can be used to display air plants (at Davia and Craig's Wedding)

DIY Farmhouse Frames for Display and Greeting Cards

Gather Materials - Paint Frame (optional)

1 Gather Materials - Paint Frame (optional)

The most important items you need are the wooden frame, chicken wire, scissors/wire cutters, and the staple gun! If you're going to paint your frame, do that FIRST and let it dry completely. Once dry, follow the remaining steps.

Remove Backing/Front of Frame

2 Remove Backing/Front of Frame

Any glass/plastic front, or backing of the frame should be removed - we don't need it!

"Measure" and trim the chicken wire

3 "Measure" and trim the chicken wire

"Measure" is in quotes because you'll notice a ruler isn't on the list of materials! Simply place the wire over the back over your frame to get an idea what you'll need.  You'll then trim to the middle/edge of the frame (You don't want so much that it sticks out past the frame when you hang it, but you also need enough so the staples have something to staple to)

Staple Away!

4 Staple Away!

You'll want to add staples at least every 3-4" depending how large your frame is. Make sure to get the staples securely around the chicken wire. Tip: you can always wrap the wire ends back down if you find a spot that would otherwise slip right out.

You can sort of see that in the photo above: the staple should go across the intersections of the wire for a better hold.

If needed: Hammer in your mounting hardware

5 If needed: Hammer in your mounting hardware

Follow instructions for your mounting hardware if your frame doesn't already have it

Flip it over & Hang it up!

6 Flip it over & Hang it up!

That's it!! Your finished piece should look great already, but the best part is hanging your greeting cards, escort cards, or greenery through the wire! Make sure to hang it up on the hardware, and do your best to get it to hang evenly (mine aren't exactly level but hey, it's rustic right?!)