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October 24th, 2020 Oct 24 2 0 2 0

VIRTUAL Candle Making Workshop with KSM Candle Co.

Until January 2, 2021

1 hr | $33 | Online!
Every Saturday & Sunday

This workshop will walk you through our candle making kit step by step with other crafters, right from the comfort of your home.

Feel free to ask questions along the way. Once you sign up for your workshop, we'll put ONE candle making kit in the mail for you. (Shipping is included with your purchase) Please note that shipping takes some time depending on where you are (especially now) We recommend ordering at least a week in advance of the class. We ship from our studio in Baltimore MD. (If there are multiple people in your home, feel free to purchase an additional kit from our shop for those extra folks.)

Available Scents: Lily of the Valley and Orchid Lemon Verbena Blood Orange Sunny and Mellow Ocean City Pomelo Watermelon Sugar Lavender Lavender Vanilla Black Currant Tea Eucalyptus Mint Orange Blossom Juneteenth (hibiscus) White Sage East African Amber Avocado Cilantro Frankincense and Myrrh Summer Rain Lemongrass Rose Honeysuckle Jasmine*

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