Update Your Living Room, Keep Your Throw Pillows

Not loving your plain pillows, or just in need of a refresh?  Don't throw out your throw pillows.. spruce them up with a pillow case set that you can make yourself!

Today's tutorial is brought to you by Marlayna's mom! A woman of many skills, one of which is being excellent at sewing (sadly, not a skill Marlayna ever learned to embrace... oops! regretting that now!!). Fortunately, she's helping us out with a guest post to show you how you can easily spruce up a set of throw pillows by creating your own pillowcases! Honestly, one of the best parts for this project was going to Joanns and picking out the fabrics :) & If they look familiar, you may recognize these from our Love you to Infinity Styled Shoot! Let us know what colors and fabrics you'd love to see your pillows get dressed with, and we hope this tutorial will be a fun DIY for your home!


Pillows or pillow forms
Fabric-height of the pillow plus 1 1/2" by 2x the width of the pillow + 6"-8" 
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure
Straight Pins
Fabric Marking Pencil

Meet the Authors

When Marlayna isn't diving into BaM projects, she's also a wedding photographer, and the photographer at UMBC! When she's not photographing, she loves to kick back and relax with her husband Adam and their two cats Zoe and Annie! And when they're not at home, they love to travel and try new beers, cocktails, and of course, delicious food!
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