The Wedding Market Vendor F.A.Q!

With applications due in just a couple of weeks, we thought we would take the opportunity to answer any and all of the questions we have been receiving! We hope that after reading our answers you'll submit your application for the coolest wedding show of the year :P

With The Wedding Market happening March 22nd at Clifton Mansion, we are looking for amazing wedding professionals, local makers, and workshop hosts to be a part of the magic! It's our goal to provide engaged couples, as well as their families, with a unique wedding showcase that not only allows them to purchase goods for home and big day, but also allows them to connect with potential vendors in a comfortable setting.

With applications for The Wedding Market being due on January 17th, we thought we'd answer some of the questions we've frequently received!


  1. What kind of vendors are you looking for?
    This market is going to be fairly unique in that we are looking for wedding professionals to interact with couples through styled wedding scenes, local makers to sell their goods, and workshop hosts to demonstrate examples of fun activities for bridal parties to book.

  2. You mentioned styled wedding scenes. What does that mean?
    What's going to set The Wedding Market a part from any other expo, showcase, or event is that we are going to have wedding scenes styled by teams of coordinators, florists, rentals, jewelers, caterers, etc. that couples can walk through and get inspiration for their own wedding day. Basically this is going to be a live Pinterest board that people can interact with!

  3. What do you mean by teams? If I don't have a team can I not apply?
    Our goal is to have groups of vendors or "teams" who have past experience and relationships with each other to come in and theme their space. It's not required that you have a group, but we are going to consider already created teams before individual applicants. Even if you aren't accepted for a styled scene, though, you can still showcase your services and interact with couples as a part of our market area!

  4. What's the size of the venue for these live Pinterest board wedding scenes?
    The most awesome thing about Clifton Mansion is that there's various rooms that a couple could utilize on their wedding day! Inside of the mansion there are 4 spaces that we are offering to teams to dress up. All of the interior spots are large enough for reception table designs, floral displays, dessert buffets, etc.! On the outside, we have a large ceremony space for a team to play with that is right off of the patio at Clifton, and a few smaller spots that creative individuals could transform. The smaller spaces vary in size as well as price. Our application has the general size numbers of the spaces along with photos of the areas we are offering! We'll share some images of the spaces below!

  5. I’m a local maker that sells candles, soaps, sweet treats, etc.. Is there a place for me?
    ABSOLUTELY! You provide a wedding with one of the sweetest gifts a couple can give to their guests - FAVORS! You are very much a wedding professional and for sure should be applying!

  6. Okay, well I'm a local maker that creates signs, t-shirts, jewelry, gift bags, etc.. Is there a place for me?
    OF COURSE! These are fun items that can elevate a wedding day in ways couples don't even realize until they are talking to someone who specializes in those goods! Table signs, bride crew shirts, all the sparkly details, bridal shower party favors, it's all a necessary aspect that makes a wedding stand out!

  7. You mentioned you're looking for workshop hosts?
    Ohh, yes! In addition to the wedding scenes, and creatives selling their goods and advertising their services we want to give couples the chance to be hands-on! This could be a workshop in candle making, calligraphy, cookie decorating, bouquet building, signature cocktail creating, anything you can think of that bridal parties may have fun with! We want this to showcase your abilities to host gatherings and give couples a unique experience for their bridal showers, bachelor/ette parties, or reception dinners.

  8. Can you give some examples of vendors you're looking to highlight in The Wedding Market?
    We sure can! *Deep breath* Wedding planners, caterers, bakers, florists, furniture rental companies, tent companies, food trucks, photobooths, photographers, bar tenders, backdrop creators, macrame artists, stamp makers, jewelers, dress boutiques, tux rentals, soap makers, invitation designers, signage creators, candle makers, custom apparel, gift bag servicers, cotton candy makers, DJs, bands, make up artists, hair stylists, models (gotta have someone to display all of the pretty), live painters, distilleries, breweries, wineries, and anyone else who can play a role in making a couple's wedding day beautiful unique and fun!

If you have any questions at all that we did not answer, please feel free to send us an email at or a message on our Instagram @bamcocreate

Vendor applications are due January 17th, so be sure to head to the application and submit!

Check out images of Clifton Mansion!

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