Passports to Love | DIY Vineland Estate Winery Ontario Wedding

We cannot get enough of Mike and Kim's GORGEOUS DIY wedding. They created such a beautiful day that was made even more special because they hand-crafted ALL of it...except the venue. Their day is a must see to inspire your own DIY projects!

Mike and Kim's wedding will change your life! Not only do they have a TON of DIYs, but they also added in a unique verbal element that elevated their day even further. That's right, do it yourself doesn't always have to mean wood carvings and glue, it can be as sweet as incorporating your loved ones into your ceremony in a way you never thought. It just so happens that Mike and Kim also put a lot of physical work into their day along with the emotion. 

We'll let the grooms describe a little bit more of what they did to make their wedding unique and intimate! 

From Mike and Kim // Our first DYI project was to design our wedding logo, and we worked very closely with our good friend, Ronald de Ramos, who helped us execute this design. As soon as we finalized our logo, we were able to design our own invitations, wedding programmes, stationaries, decors, centerpieces, etc. Our invitations were all custom-made passports, complete with the original passport stamps from the 7 countries we have visited together over the years: Iceland, Philippines, Jamaica, San Francisco (USA), France, Mexico and Italy (each country represented a table). We had 7 tables in the venue. Each of our guests received a customized boarding pass, telling them their table (country) destination. They also received their own jams (locally made from Vineland, ON) with our personalized message to them at their tables. Each guest also had their own name tags made out of laser-cut woods to get that rustic feel with our favorite dried lavender on each plate.

The centerpiece had 2 mason jars with floral arrangements (blush and white and lilac, earthy tones). They are set in a large piece of wooden slab with a picture frame (with our most memorable photo from that particular country). Also, the name of the country on top of the centerpiece is also laser cut acrylic material in gold, to match the rustic gold candle holders on the tables. We really want to make it very personal and each table had a write up on the mason jars (also on their boarding passes), why that country was memorable to us. Our guestbook was made out of wood and we had our friend, carve our logo in the middle with "Me and You...Just Us Two" written underneath for a nice finishing touch. We used a wine-picnic-basket-for 2 and we put our initials on it and turned it into our card holder. We even filled the bottom of this basket with white sands and sea shells because we love the beach so much.

We honored our parents during our ceremony, and we had 8 individuals (who are very dear to us) to serve as our "Infinity8". Each of them represented one of the pillars and the foundation of our relationship: LOVE, HAPPINESS, ROMANCE, DANCE, ADVENTURE, WELLNESS, FAMILY & FRIENDSHIP. These 8 individuals formed the INFINITY symbol with Kim and me in the middle – while we said our vows to each other. 

The awesome vendors

Photographer / Focus Production

Venue / Vineland Estates Winery

Floral Designer / Exquisite Occasions

Event Planner / Trevents

Photo Booth Equipment / Focus Booth 

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Published on December 11th, 2018
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