MayFair Recap! // Spring Maker Market at Maker Practice

This past weekend, we hosted our second maker market! This time, we rounded up a fantastic group of talented makers to share their handmade goods and knowledge at Maker Practice in Catonsville!

To say we're feeling grateful and in love with this community is an understatement!! After an incredible and fun market hosted at Union Craft Brewing in February (Crafts & Brews!!) we couldn't resist the opportunity to start planning another market for the spring! We were so excited when our friends at Maker Practice reached out to us to ask if we'd be interested (you know it!!). They host workshops and a maker space and plenty of fun gatherings all year long, so it was the perfect combo to host our next market here.

And while the morning of the market greeted us with some rain... (and even a power outage right until the opening!!), it just made us that much more grateful for an indoor venue to get local guests out of the weather and ready to check out the cutest gifts and coolest workshops! And the best part? We even had a chance to participate in a couple workshops this round too (be sure to look out for the photo of our fabulous light-up flower crowns we made with Akos of Regal Clothes!). And when we weren't mingling with this awesome crowd, we were stuffing our faces with the most delicious Egyptian street food from Koshary by Misteka!

All in all, we are so humbled yet again to get to spend a Sunday with the amazing makers in our community. Thank you to every maker and every guest who came out to support shopping locally! & Thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle - we were able to raise $100 to the Children's Home in Catonsville!!

We had so much fun and can't wait to share a couple upcoming events we're planning currently!! Stay tuned! :)

Thank you so much to all of our amazing vendors!

Our host, Maker Practice

Bmoore Mom
Daydreams Factory
Deep Leaf Organics
Elena Damon Studio
J'Adorn Designs
Local Color Flowers
Mary Elise Burns
McAllen's Best Chocolate Almond Toffee
Myth & Moss
Presence and Grace
Regal Clothes
Terah Bull Designs
The Sweetest Fern
White Space Textiles

FOOD BY Koshary-by-MISTEKA // Misteka

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the market!!

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