Celestial Beauty with EaarthBones | Maker & Workshop Spotlight!

Rachel from EaarthBones is a maker that effortlessly connects sentimentality with her expertly crafted jewelry collections. What better way to highlight Rachel and her latest Celestial Collection than in our Maker Spotlight! 

We are so in love with the amazing jewelry that Rachel from EaarthBones creates! We got a chance to meet her for the first time at our Crafts & Brews Maker Market back in February, and we have been obsessed ever since. Rachel even lead a workshop at the market that taught individuals how to create their own crystal layered necklace!

If you get a chance to take one of Rachel's workshops, you absolutely should!  She has some coming up very soon that we highly recommend and are showcasing below!  Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram and check out her website for information on future classes too! 

>> EaarthBones Necklace Making and Tarot Reading Workshop on July 10th <<

>> EaarthBones Mindfulness & Wrap Necklace Workshop on July 20th <<

We are excited to have Rachel on the blog talking about her newest Celestial Collection that has an inspiring story behind it. Trust us, by the end of this Maker Spotlight you'll either be one of Rachel's biggest fans, buying all of EaarthBones jewelry, or both! 

About Your Work

What's the name of your latest creation? Celestial Collection

What Inspired you to make this? This collection was inspired by my grandmother who passed in December. Our shared love of crystals and travel are memories I always cherish. Each piece in this collection, that has been slowly releasing over the past few months highlights my grandmothers love of the celestial, crystals, and are named after the amazing places around the world that she traveled.

Were there any surprises during this project? This collection has evoked the most emotion with me and has really pushed me creatively into some of my best work so far. It has taught me to not only push myself, but to do everything with passion and emotion because it shows.

What parts of creating this project were challenging? Working through this project, mentally, was my most challenging element. I laid my materials out in my studio for weeks before I even touched them. It’s like I had to create the pieces in my head, with inspiration from my grandma, first. This is also the first collection that is being released over an extended amount of time. Usually, my collections are released all at once, but I still feel pieces working themselves out in my head, like the collection isn’t done with me yet. It’s been wild but I’ m just letting the inspiration take me where it wants me to go.

What makes you happiest about the project? I have felt another level of connection to my grandma that I didn’t before. Almost as if I’m still learning new things about her. I’m also excited about the final pieces, both made to order and one off pieces. I’m also happy that this collection has challenged me to push my boundaries and create pieces that surprise me.

Getting to know YOU!

Outside of creating, what is something you love to do? I love photography, mostly portraiture! In school, I picked up a Hasselblad and never put it down!

What first inspired you to be a maker? I have always wanted to create and be an artist. As a photographer, I can capture an image and show people how I view the world. Starting EaarthBones came about serendipitously after I graduated college and wanted to stay creative. My interests in crystals, color theory, and learning about other people has led me on my journey.

What do you love most about your craft?  The therapy and expression that comes with creating.

What's next for you and your business? Any goals you want to put into the universe?  Expanding! Reaching and connecting with more people!

Speed date round!

  • Favorite Color / Purple (for balance)
  • Favorite Food / Cheese (and wine)
  • Favorite Animal / Dogs
  • (note from Britney - Rachel, we are basically the same person XD)

All images are from Rachel herself over at @rachelvkingphotography! And don't forget to grab a seat at one of EaarthBones upcoming workshops!

>> EaarthBones Necklace Making and Tarot Reading Workshop on July 10th <<

>> EaarthBones Mindfulness & Wrap Necklace Workshop on July 20th <<

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Besides photography, I have a few different hobbies. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks and occasionally lending my voice to some. My husband, Shawn, and I love playing D&D and discovering new interesting food spots! Oh and I'm obsessed with our dog, Pony.
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