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Learn more abot Jaz, an artist in Baltimore bringing inspiring designs to communities in Baltimore, AND right to your home!

We've loved learning more about local artist Jaz and her work here in Baltimore, and we know you will too! Her pieces are vibrant, meaningful, and full of thought and intent. Jaz shares more about the process behind being a community artist, as well as an exciting new project in the works that we here at BaM are SUPER excited for! You're going to love reading more about how Jaz creates her works of art at both a public and personal scale!

Let's get down to business! 

What do you create? I am a Public Community Artist in Baltimore, offering custom mural services, logo design, book design, merchandising, online shop products include self care journal, paper and canvas fine art prints, and greeting cards

How long have you been in business, and what encouraged you to take the leap and get started? I officially filed paperwork in August 2020, but I have been creating art and getting paid for it for 4 years now. The pandemic really punched me to believe that I could become an artist full time, being as that’s what ended up happening when I lost my job last spring.

What makes the art you create and the way you do it unique? As a community artist first and foremost, the work i create in public is made in tandem with community members of that area, when working on murals I strive to build a meaningful connection to those neighbors before envisioning what I could create to add to their community. This approach empowers a community to take ownership of the artwork and helps to build a better Baltimore overall. My personal projects also aim to foster an empathic mindset, and highlight Black joy and resilience. (BaM Note // love the way the community is involved in your process and the themes highlighted!)

What current projects are you working on?

Current Project: One Day At A Time, A Self Care Journal (BaM Note // YES! We love this - both Britney and Marlayna use One a day journals and love them!! Such great gifts too)

What inspired you to make these? I am terrible at keeping a journal, the pandemic pushed me to a place where I needed to cultivate a grounding daily practice. I started drawing monthly mood trackers for myself, coloring was something I could keep up with daily. This project morphed into a book that I was able to collaborate on with my dear friend Monica McColm who wrote the journal prompts to help set and intention for each month.

Were there any surprises during this project? The goal for the book was to create a guided space where someone like me, who may find it hard to journal with no direction, has a starting off point with a soft push in the the right direction. Narrowing down what that actually looks like and how it flows was the most difficult part.

What makes you happiest about the project or your work overall? Connecting and creating community with my clients, who are often creators themselves.

A little about you!

What’s your favorite color or pattern? Color is the foundation of my work, my favorite color changes depending on the day, my mode or whether or not the sun is shining.

Do you have another favorite local eatery or business that you love and want to shout out? Restaurants need all the help that’s can get right now, Water For Chocolate is my absolute favorite spot to eat in the city!

What's next!

What's next for you and your business? Any other goals you want to put into the universe? Any upcoming events you want us to share about? I have a couple shows lined up for the spring, one going up next month in tandem with the upcoming Baltimore Cease Fire weekend Feb 5-6th. The show will be centered around celebrations of life, resilience and joy at the Carroll Museum from Feb-1-March 10. I will be showing alongside Baltimore artist Julia Glatfelter.

The second show will be at the Revival Hotel, I will be showing some collaborative pieces made with Stephanie Garon combining sheer steel work and my conditions line drawings. Dates March/April TBD.

(BaM Note // these shows sound amazing, and we can't wait to see more!!)

How can folks follow your work?

Instagram: @jaz_erenberg

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