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Honor Your Family this Thanksgiving | DIY Wire Tree Centerpiece

This centerpiece will be the talk of your family gathering and with good reason!

This has been a centerpiece I've been dreaming of since I started thinking of what could represent the season of family and giving thanks. It seems obvious, but the first thing that popped in my head was a family tree. As cheesy as it sounds, I wanted this craft to show the closeness my husband and I have with our families. Our families are vastly different from one another, so it only made sense that each tree has it's own unique look. These were my first wire trees and I have to say that, while they took some time to create, I am SO proud of the final product. They turned out to be exactly what I was envisioning, which made the time totally worth it! I have to thank another tutorial for helping me along with the creation of the wire trees, though. There was NO way I could do this on my own. If you have some time, check out their wire tree masterpieces.

Now, let me get one thing very clear. This was not a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of project. This took a lot of on the fly changes during the making of it. I had a plan for Styrofoam, for acrylic paint, for a wooden tray, which all didn't end up working at all. It was trial and error, but I'm happy to report that tightened up the process and ended up with a successful DIY. I made the mistakes so that you all don't have to :). 

Materials Used

24 gauge floral wire

Medium sized cutting board

Wire cutters/scissors - my wire cutter is old and crappy, so I used a pair of my crafting scissors and they worked perfectly with this gauge of wire. 

Needle nose pliers - I had jewelry pliers because of a previous craft, so I used those, but pliers from your toolbox could work too.

Spray paint - I used gold because...I LOVE GOOOOOOOLD

Orange and purple finger nail polish - yes, go to the CVS or RiteAid and grab a cheapo bottle of polish 

1/8 x 4 x 36 inch balsa wood

X-Acto knife


Sanding block 

Wood stain - I used the color espresso 273

Hot glue - my best friend

DIY Wire Tree Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Gather your materials

1 Gather your materials

Have all of your materials out and ready to go so that you can easily reach anything you need. 

Measure out your wire

2 Measure out your wire

To make this easier, I wrapped mine around a medium sized cutting board about 14 times. At that point, I used my scissors and cut the wire at the bend on both ends (hehe that rhymes). That should create about 28 wire strands.

Twisting your trunk and planting roots

3 Twisting your trunk and planting roots

Separate your wires and begin twisting them together. I did a light twisting in order to get a fatter trunk, but if you want a thinner tree you can do a tighter twist. You'll have a crazy looking bottom, and a crazy looking top, but that's okay because those are your roots and your branches. You'll want to square off your roots so that it acts as a base for your tree to stand.

Making your branches

4 Making your branches

Once you get your roots figured out, you can pretty much do whatever you want with your branches. I chose to do four wires twisted together at a time. I did it this way so that I could split them in the middle and create a more dynamic looking tree. 

Make some loops in your wires

5 Make some loops in your wires

To do this I took my needle nose pliers and when I got to the end of my wire I created a little circle at the end. They ended up looking like leaves, which I loved since it made the tree feel fuller. 

Add some waves in your tree

6 Add some waves in your tree

Sounds weird, but I ended up getting a really cool look by slightly bending my wires. I wasn't too sure about my trees until this point, so it definitely made a positive impact on my craft!

Spray paint!

7 Spray paint!

The fun part! Spray paint your tree in a well ventilated area and allow it to sit for a couple hours to completely dry. It should not be sticky to the touch at all. If you have to apply another coat, do so.

Painting with finger nail polish

8 Painting with finger nail polish

I filled in my loops with some finger nail polish, which gave the leaves a transparent and cool look. They were a little tricky to paint, but the polish dries pretty quick, so there wasn't a lot of waiting around! I put The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and got to work painting.

Creating your stands

9 Creating your stands

For this I measured out my balsa wood and cut using an Xacto knife. Balsa wood is incredibly soft and at 1/8 of an inch thick, you can easily cut it yourself. Just make sure you use a ruler so that your pieces are straight. For my three trees, I made three stands at varying heights. One stood at 1 inch high, another stood at 2 inches high, and the stand for the middle tree was 4 inches high. 

Sand the edges of your wood pieces

10 Sand the edges of your wood pieces

You may end up having some jagged edges on your wood slices. It's an easy fix with your sand paper. Just give it a quick go over and you'll have smooth edges that are super easy to stain.

Stain your wood pieces

11 Stain your wood pieces

Once you have all of the parts, stain your wood whatever color you'd like! I used a dark color because it matches our table and it's what I already owned. Let the stain dry completely before continuing on with the next step. 

Hot glue this baby!

12 Hot glue this baby!

Put a thin layer of glue on the short side of the piece of wood that will be acting as the top of your stand. Attach the smaller "leg" pieces, making sure you give some time for the glue to dry. 


13 Display!

I covered the roots of my trees with fabric leaves, but if you do a cool creation with your roots, feel free to let them all hang out! Alternatively, you could find a different way to finalize the decoration of your trees. We like to remain open to all different types of creating :) 

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Published on November 21st, 2018
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