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Keep Straws and Craft On with Gold Geometric Hangers | DIY

Who knew that after a couple of glasses of wine you could still successfully craft amazing things!

This is the VERY first BaM Co-Create craft that we ever did! They were featured in our Geode and Watercolors shoot and they were FABULOUS. I don't think either one of us realized how necessary they would be to the shoot until we were there setting up. They were one of the elements that really brought the entire shoot together for a seamless look. Couple that with the fact that we DIY'd them, made them even more special to us.

When we first started thinking about what we could do for the shoot in order to save money but not sacrifice beauty, the first place we turned to was Pinterest. There are a ton of tutorials over there and we are definitely not the first to do a geometric DIY. Marlayna and I both attempted following two different tutorials. The problem? They were WAY too confusing for us, especially since we were trying to have fun with this craft and poured ourselves some wine and beer.

The best solution that we came up with was to DIY the DIY. If you are anything like us, where over the top instructions frustrate you when you were just trying to have a good time, then let our straw geometric hanger tutorial be your guide to fun and crafting success!

Supplies for this craft

  1. Straws. We use paper straws because they are easy to cut and spray paint when the time comes.

  2. Wire. I like to get 26 gauge floral wire from the floral section in Michael's. You get a lot more and it's cheaper than buying the wire found in the jewelry section.

  3. Spray paint. Marlayna and I like the color gold, so that's the color we always do. You can get whatever color your prefer, though! Also, the brand we prefer is Rust-Oleum. You can find reasonably priced spray pain at Home Depot or Lowes. Craft stores always jack up the price for a much smaller can, so don't waste your money there, go straight to your local hardware store.

  4. Scissors. You probably have a million of these in your house. They are a must have in any household and great for cutting the thin floral wire if you don't have a wire cutter! They do crush your straws a tiny bit if you choose to use them for your straw trimming, which is why I suggest the next tool on this supply list.

  5. X-ACTO Knife. Totally optional - I picked up a cheap X-ACTO from Amazon along with a self-healing cutting mat to cut (haha, get it) down on the creasing and potential crushing that scissors can do. If you prefer to use your scissors, though, don't let me tell you how to get your geometric craft on.

Directions for Creating Your Own Geometric Hanger!

Gather your materials

1 Gather your materials

Have all of your items handy and ready to go. You do not want to keep stopping and gathering every time you move onto a next part of this craft. These little sculptures can be done pretty quickly if you are well prepared! :)

Cut two straws in half

2 Cut two straws in half

Using your scissors or X-ACTO knife, line up two straws and cut them down the middle. Easy peasy!

Wire your straws

3 Wire your straws

Push your floral wire through the opening of the straws. You should have all four of your straw pieces on the same line before clipping your wire with scissors. Make sure you have enough of wire overhang in order to twist tie!

Create your base

4 Create your base

Once your wire is cut, bring both ends of your wire together, your straws should form a square. Twist the wires together. You can trim the remaining wire or tuck the ends into the straw opening.

Create the top portion of your shape

5 Create the top portion of your shape

Take four more straws out of the package. If you want to cut them a little, feel free, but it is not necessary at this stage. You'll want to string two of the straws together, and then string the other two straws together leaving you with two separate pieces. Make sure to leave enough wire at your edges so you can twist tie in the next step.

Attach the first half of the top of your shape.

6 Attach the first half of the top of your shape.

Feel free to take the straws off the wire to make this step a little easier. Take the end of one of the cut wires and begin wrapping it around one of the corners of the base. You should have some exposed wire on the base since the straws won't come together for quite the perfect square. Once tied, tuck the edge of the wire into one of the straw openings. If you removed the straws from the wire, restring them and then tie the wire to the opposite corner of the base. 

Attach the second half of the top to your base

7 Attach the second half of the top to your base

You're basically repeating the previous step, except when you go to attach to the opposite corner, you'll want to first do a single wrap around in between your straws (at the section that will become the tip of your shape). After you complete that wrap, the rest of this step is the same as the previous.

Yay! You made a shape!

8 Yay! You made a shape!

You can either stop here for a cute little pyramid, or you can continue on to create more of a diamond like shape. Personally, I really like the diamond, so I encourage you to continue, but you're your own person!

Time to work on your bottom!

9 Time to work on your bottom!

Pull four more straws out and cut the straws to be about 5 inches long. You'll be using these longer ends for the next part.

Repeating steps to create your bottom shape

10 Repeating steps to create your bottom shape

From this point, you'll pretty much be following the same directions that you did for the top of your shape (steps 4-7). You'll be attaching corner to corner, and then again with the single wrap to secure the straws that are creating the triangular top and bottom together. Make sure you continue tucking the edges of the wire away. I know it will be difficult at some stages, but it really makes everything look a bit cleaner.

Add a hoop for easy hanging

11 Add a hoop for easy hanging

Snip a piece of wire that is about 4 inches in width. Form a hoop by bringing the two ends together. Twist them around the top point of your structure to secure the hoop in place. You can mold your hoop to be any shape that you want at this point.

Spray paint this beast

12 Spray paint this beast

Arguably the easiest and funnest part of the entire process. Using the loop that you created you can take your shape outside with a piece of string and hang it from a branch, your deck, or anywhere that you can find to hang it. Pay attention to the directions on the paint can in terms of distance and shaking, and then commence the spraying painting! Apply about three coats to make sure every part of the structure is covered. Allow to dry.

Decorate your home!

13 Decorate your home!

Your geometric shape is complete! You can now go on to make loads more to decorate your home! These are awesome for summer outdoor parties, sprucing up the holiday buffet, or just leaving on your bookshelf to wow guests. They seriously look so professional everyone will be asking how you did it! 

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