Get your dip on with this Ricotta Spinach Dip recipe

There's no greater love in this world than that of a good dip. - William Shakespeare....probably

I'm a lover of dips. Honestly, who isn't? It's basically the glue that holds the world together. When my friend, Brad (fellow dipper), was coming over for a Dynasty watch party I wanted to throw something together that would be fairly easy, but full of great flavor. Now, I keep a lot of random ingredients in my fridge, I'm always well stocked with cheese, condiments, and frozen spinach (in case I ever want to try it in my smoothies again). So I grabbed what I knew went into spinach dip, and then also grabbed what I've always wanted to go in spinach dip.

Legit, the thing I love about cooking is that I get the opportunity to be creative with what goes in my belly. I combine, add, and season until my hearts content. Since dips are so incredibly flexible, I find I turn to them when I need a little culinary outlet and a tasty treat for TV watching.

My list of ingredients looks a little intense since there's a good amount of them, but the key to ease is that they pretty much all get dumped into a bowl. The most complicated part is cutting up your onions and not letting them affect your tear ducts.

After I finish chopping, I start the thaw of my spinach, which is putting it into a medium skillet on medium heat and waiting for the ice to melt. It doesn't take too long, probably 5 minutes of moving, flipping, and cutting with your spatula. After your spinach is broken apart, you can add in your extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and red onion. Heat these components up, but make sure you don't burn your garlic since it gets real bitter when burnt and no one wants that.

After the skillet spinach monster is well combined and warmed up. Turn off your burner and let it sit while you throw your other ingredients into your chosen bowl. I use a circular Pyrex bowl, but you can use whatever your heart desires. If I'm being honest, the only thing I pulled out the measuring cup for was the mayonnaise and that's because I wanted the taste ratio of mayo to everything else to be nicely balanced and not too tangy. I stir everything up before adding in the skillet spinach, so I can make sure the dill and creamy bases are all well combined.

SLOWLY add in your spinach mix. I always get a little eager at this stage and spill a good amount of it on the kitchen counter. Once you've gotten all of the skillet spinach added, combine very well so that the green of the spinach , crunch of the onion, and kick of the garlic are evenly dispersed in the ricotta, feta, yogurt, and mayo.

Once you have your ingredients sufficiently mixed, taste test your creation. Judge for yourself if you need more pepper, a dash of more Old Bay, or some extra salt. If you have your own special seasoning you enjoy slipping into your food, toss it in your dip mix! This is YOUR tasty masterpiece, I'm just supplying the paints and brushes.

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Published on July 18th, 2018
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