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There's nothing more rewarding than taking a class you think you lack the skills for, and then completely knocking it out of the park! That's what makes learning and education SO incredibly important. It helps if it's super fun as well!

Local Color Flowers is bringing friendships and families together with their various floral inspired classes! We still have to post about the summery flower crown class we covered, but for the time being we are absolutely gushing about their Fall Wreath Making class. These classes are SO much fun. Every time we get the chance to see a #locofloclass in action, there's always a ton of laughter and incredible talent. Now, don't get me wrong, without the instruction from Ellen, I would have no idea how you even begin to create something like a wreath. But with her expert knowledge and the willingness to learn that all of the students put forth, there was some serious artistry happening. 

If you have family coming in from out of town, or if you want to give your mom, grandma, brother, or cousin something that you all can do together this holiday season, definitely, DEFINITELY look at the Local Color Flower website for upcoming classes. It'll be the best bonding experience you'll ever do!

Honestly, I could sit here and describe it to you all day, but showing you...that's what's going to convince you that I'm not just blowing smoke.

Check out their Fall and Winter schedule to sign up! 

Don't forget to check out the Fall and Winter schedule for a super unique experience!

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