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We're freakin' excited about this feature!! (See what we did there?!) Melissa at Zodiac Freak shares more about her love of community, family, and of course, making a wonderland of holistic goods!

If this blog doesn't get you feeling relaxed and comfortable, you better throw on your PJs ASAP! ;) We're highlighting the talented Melissa at Zodiac Freak today, and her products and mindset are all about family, relaxation, and being in good spirits! We're so excited to share a spotlight on her and her wellness business below!

And in case you need a little taste of our humor (and Melissa's!) you've gotta check out this post of hers on Instagram here (Crystal jokes, we got 'em!!)

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Happy weekend-ing everyone!!

About Your Work

What's the name of your latest creation? Rapture

What Inspired you to make this? I am a sucker for warm and sweet fragrances. From every perfume from FlowerBomb to Opium, I have it. I wanted to create a oil blend with the same warm and sweet scents, but with natural ingredients, that actually have great benefits and free of dye and alcohol.

Were there any surprises during this project? Although, my smell testers voted for every sample, except the one I loved, I decided to go with my gut and select that one. I launched the oil at a collaborative women-owned pop up and it sold out!

What parts of creating this project were challenging? Brainstorming and testing out which oils worked well with each other, was very tricky. I had very smell testers who voted on everything, but, the one I really liked.

What makes you happiest about the project? That I went with my gut and it's a hit.

Getting to know YOU!

Outside of creating, what is something you love to do? Family time is essential for me. I have a twin sister, whom I'm extremely close to, so anytime I get to spend with her and the kids, I take full advantage of it.

What first inspired you to be a maker? Initially, I was creating with my own concoctions for myself and started sharing with my family and friends, and I thought, maybe I should share it with a wide audience.

What do you love most about your craft? Knowing that it will put the recipient in good spirits.

What's next for you and your business? Any goals you want to put into the universe? I want to create a platform for other women creatives to showcase their talents and skills. I organized an event that took place last weekend, in celebration of Women's History Month and we received so much great feedback from the community and attendees, that we're going to make it a reoccurring event.

Melissa also shared three NEW projects and products below too!

MUVA – LOOSE WHITE SAGE SMUDGING BLEND Muva, a beautiful, calming and comforting blend of White California Sage, Lavender Buds, Cedar and Rose Petals to help cleanse & purify your sacred space and invoke a state of peaceful serenity. Use the sacred smoke to clear the air and say a prayer, cleanse your crystals & stones, raise your vibration during meditation, energy work, or yoga.

BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO PURIFYING FLORAL WHITE SAGE WANDS Just like the Fairy Godmother’ s magical wand, our new handcrafted Purifying Floral White Sage sticks, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Wands are transforming energy – clearing energies, feelings, and attitudes that no longer serves us and opening, healing, and activating our heart space to receive all of the love that the Universe has to offer.

PALO SANTO STICKS + ROSE + QUARTZ CRYSTAL POINT Feeling a little drained from energy vampires and looking to clear the negative energy around you? Or having a ridiculously awesome day and want to preserve the good vibes? How about a little Palo Santo + Rose + Quartz (clear or smoky).

Speed date round!

  • Favorite Color / Pink
  • Favorite Food / I love the comforts of soul food.
  • Favorite Animal / Pig because it's pink

All images are from Melissa herself - find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! And purchase from her Etsy Shop here!

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