Elevate Your Gifting with The BaM Box!

We wanted to take a minute today to talk about our latest effort to support shopping small: The BaM Box. Why we created it, what we hope it gives to people, and where we see it going. We are ALSO celebrating the release of our Febraury box!

The BaM Box Story

When we initially thought about creating curated gift boxes, we didn't want them to be like everybody else's. There are many, many collections of gift boxes floating around and all of them are fantastically geared toward shopping small. So when thinking about our own, we knew we needed to pay attention, research, and really work hard to make ours shine. We wanted to embody the charm of our local DMV makers, showcase the necessity of shopping small, and really highlight the imagination that each maker possesses. 

It also doesn't hurt that every single one of our boxes is a testament to the intentional nature of gifting. We really wanted to overhaul the gifting experience with a small collection of incredible products in limited supplies with the goal that everyone who purchases a box, or receives a box will know that their gift was thoughtfully designed.

Our latest release!

This month, for the month of love, we have our February Box! A small batch collaboration with 5 amazing makers from the Baltimore area. Included in every box is:

  • A beautifully scented candle from Coco & Soy to keep your home warm and love burning 😜

  • Soul balancing bath salts from Zodiac Freak to keep you calm and relaxed

  • A stunning nail polish from Polish Change that will let you live all of your fantasies

  • Yummy and puffy cotton candy from Fluff Daddy that will keep your sweet tooth in check

  • A moisturizing lip balm from Hon's Honey to....well...you know the power of lip balm! 💋

So no matter if you are celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's, Palentine's, or Youentine's, the BaM February box has all of your gifting needs covered and will leave you lovestruck.

Become the ultimate gift giver HERE

Our boxes evolve with every single iteration, but there is one thing that will never change: Our genuine passion for supporting the local creative community. The future of these boxes is based in the hope that we can continue to give back to our community by lifting up the voices of our small business neighbors and continually celebrate all of their accomplishments.

We hope that you'll support us, supporting others by picking up a BaM Box!

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