Brunches of Flowers | Setting Sail on the Inner Harbor!

What could be better than a sunny day, the Baltimore Water Taxi, snacks from Copper Kitchen, and flowers from Local Color Flowers? NOTHING!

Our Brunches of Flowers event was SO much fun!

We had been planning an event to take place on the Baltimore Water Taxi ever since LAST June when we did our Beerchelor(ette) styled shoot. During that shoot, we all hopped on the taxi at sunset and wrapped up a great time! The Baltimore Water Taxi was so amazing to work with that we knew we needed to do more with them. So we started planning.

A lot happened for BaM in the year since we started dreaming up ideas for water taxi events. We had our first market, we organized a team building event, and we made a ton of creative friends. All of that influenced our plans, which was a workshop on the water. Now, with all good ideas there are some pitfalls and we hit a snag when we had to cancel our first water taxi event in June. It got us down because we knew this was something special, but we also knew that people weren't connecting with it because it was our first one. However, we re-grouped and re-planned and eventually came up with Brunches of Flowers.

We designed Brunches of Flowers to be a low-key event where people boarded the Water Taxi for an hour long cruise, snacked on good food from Copper Kitchen, drank some tasty mimosas, and created beautiful bouquets thanks to Local Color Flowers. The important aspects of the event was that it would be easy, very breezy, and FUN. All of those things are exactly what we got and we couldn't be any happier!

Stressful, yet fun fact: we initially had 30 tickets for sale for this event. The boat could hold 49, so we thought 30 would be perfect. We ended up selling about 20 tickets, which ACTUALLY was the perfect number. Any more and I don't think we would have been able to remain comfortable moving around on board! Thank goodness we didn't sell out, haha!

Our goal for the future is to do MORE activities on the Baltimore Water Taxi. We want bridal parties, bachelor events, team building extravaganzas, EVERYTHING. We absolutely had the best time planning this event and seeing it all come to fruition was so, so fantastic!

If you are a maker and you want to be in on our next event taking place on the Baltimore Water Taxi, shoot us an email and tell us your boat friendly workshop idea.

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When Marlayna isn't diving into BaM projects, she's also a wedding photographer, and the photographer at UMBC! When she's not photographing, she loves to kick back and relax with her husband Adam and their two cats Zoe and Annie! And when they're not at home, they love to travel and try new beers, cocktails, and of course, delicious food!
Besides photography, I have a few different hobbies. I really enjoy listening to audiobooks and occasionally lending my voice to some. My husband, Shawn, and I love playing D&D and discovering new interesting food spots! Oh and I'm obsessed with our dog, Pony.
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