Spook Up Your Table | Halloween Centerpiece DIY

This Halloween, your table is gonna get boo'd up.

A holiday is the perfect time to craft something unique. I've been dreaming of making something for my apartment that is both in tune with the spirit of Halloween and classy. I'm not someone that loves hanging ghosts everywhere, or sticking things on windows. To be quite honest, I usually forget about the window decals and end up leaving them for months and months until they turn into weird drippy goo. The less I have to worry about with my decorations - the better! 

There's a semi-new trend right now with florists using circles to create unique wedding ceremony backdrops. When I first saw the creations, I was in complete awe, and I still totally am to this day. However, instead of being envious of what they got to make, I started thinking of how I could utilize the circular shape in a scaled down way. At first I was going to do something with a hoola hoop: paint it, decorate it, hang it. But right before I headed out to the craft store (Michael's in my case), I envisioned something even smaller. At that point it was all about going to the store and figuring out how to make what I was seeing into a reality. 

In the end, it turned out way better than I even anticipated, which makes me SUPER excited to share the materials and steps I used in order to achieve this incredibly unique Halloween centerpiece! Try it for yourself and tag #bamcocreate so we can see your final product! 

Materials Purchased from Michael's

(Halloween Items were 50% off)

Cross Stitching Hoops  - The sizes I used were 5in, 6in, 8in

Wood Piece (12in x 1.5in) - I used this as a brace to hold up the hoops

Halloween Hay-Foines - I picked up black

Halloween Spider Webbing

Various Faux Flowers - I picked up a sparkly foliage type, a purply cattail bunch, and a black hydrangea (that I got at 40% off using a coupon). I only ended up using one stem of each kind of flower I got. 

Sheet of Velum Paper - the type I got was called "paper clouds"

Materials I already had

Black Craft Paint - You really can use any color you want

Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun with Sticks

Wood Glue


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Published on October 16th, 2018
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