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Spook Up Your Table | Halloween Centerpiece DIY

This Halloween, your table is gonna get boo'd up.

A holiday is the perfect time to craft something unique. I've been dreaming of making something for my apartment that is both in tune with the spirit of Halloween and classy. I'm not someone that loves hanging ghosts everywhere, or sticking things on windows. To be quite honest, I usually forget about the window decals and end up leaving them for months and months until they turn into weird drippy goo. The less I have to worry about with my decorations - the better! 

There's a semi-new trend right now with florists using circles to create unique wedding ceremony backdrops. When I first saw the creations, I was in complete awe, and I still totally am to this day. However, instead of being envious of what they got to make, I started thinking of how I could utilize the circular shape in a scaled down way. At first I was going to do something with a hoola hoop: paint it, decorate it, hang it. But right before I headed out to the craft store (Michael's in my case), I envisioned something even smaller. At that point it was all about going to the store and figuring out how to make what I was seeing into a reality. 

In the end, it turned out way better than I even anticipated, which makes me SUPER excited to share the materials and steps I used in order to achieve this incredibly unique Halloween centerpiece! Try it for yourself and tag #bamcocreate so we can see your final product! 

Materials Purchased from Michael's

(Halloween Items were 50% off)

Cross Stitching Hoops - The sizes I used were 5in, 6in, 8in

Wood Piece (12in x 1.5in) - I used this as a brace to hold up the hoops

Halloween Hay-Foines - I picked up black

Halloween Spider Webbing

Various Faux Flowers - I picked up a sparkly foliage type, a purply cattail bunch, and a black hydrangea (that I got at 40% off using a coupon). I only ended up using one stem of each kind of flower I got. 

Sheet of Velum Paper - the type I got was called "paper clouds"

Materials I already had

Black Craft Paint - You really can use any color you want

Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun with Sticks

Wood Glue


DIY Halloween Centerpiece

Gather your materials

1 Gather your materials

Layout everything so you know that you are well prepared for all of the steps

Remove the outter loop from the cross stitch hoops

2 Remove the outter loop from the cross stitch hoops

We don't want to use the loops that have the metal on them for this project. 

Paint your hoops and your base

3 Paint your hoops and your base

This is a pretty fun, messy, and easy step. You can paint them whatever color will go along with your final look. I went for black since it's spooky and plays off my purple flowers really well. I also painted the base that we'll be using in order to hold up our hoops. 

Start working on your art work!

4 Start working on your art work!

While your hoops are being For this centerpiece, I wanted to have a hoop that was dedicated to a small image. So the first thing I did was trace one of my hoop shapes onto my velum paper. I then cut out the circular shape, found a spider vector online, and traced that bad boy right onto my paper. I'm horrible at free hand drawing, so tracing made it easier for me to get a clean image.

Fill in your image with marker

5 Fill in your image with marker

I used my prismacolor markers because they dry fast and have a really fine tip. You can totally use a sharpie if you'd like. I would avoid any makers that aren't permanent as those usually don't dry as quickly (if at all) and can smear on the velum.

Glue your velum paper to your hoop

6 Glue your velum paper to your hoop

I used regular glue for this step since I didn't want the hot glue to burn through my paper and I didn't think about using the wood glue. I also used some Q-Tips to help spread the glue since the lip of the hoops is pretty thin. After I let it sit for a bit, I trimmed the excess paper that was overhanging off the hoop.

Make sure your Netflix shames you

7 Make sure your Netflix shames you

An important step for any DIYer. Also if you like international shows, Elite is really, really good! It's like Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl

Glue your hoops to your base

8 Glue your hoops to your base

I used wood glue and some small clamps for this step, but you totally could use your hot glue gun if you don't want to wait the 20-30 minutes that it takes for the wood glue to set. 

Begin decorating with your flowers!

9 Begin decorating with your flowers!

When I was doing this step originally, I used regular glue and wood glue to set my flowers in place. If I had to start over again, I'd just use my hot glue gun and place my flowers strategically so no one would be none the wiser. The hot glue saved me a TON of time because it's fast drying and holds tough. 

Add your final touches

10 Add your final touches

I used the black Halloween Hay-Foines to cover up the base of the wood that was holding up my hoops. That way it looks like the hoops are kind of floating. I then put a little spider webbing over my top loop (the same one that has the spider image) and let it flow down to the base of the craft. Use scissors to trim and cut the spider webbing, it's surprisingly annoying to even get just a little bit to use. 

Display your super cool centerpiece!

11 Display your super cool centerpiece!

All that hardwork will pay off the second someone asks you where you bought your centerpiece from :P.

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Published on October 16th, 2018
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